White Crystals

SDC11495I’m sitting at the Istanbul Int’l airport, waiting for my connecting flight back home to Nigeria. I had been on a ten-day course in the Galilee College Israel. I was fortunate to have a little peek to what the capital city looked like…through the window.

I had five hours to kill (or so I thought, turned out to be almost seven hours. My flight was delayed due to bad weather). I sat there wishing I had bothered to get a transit visa, and then I would have been able to tour the city a little before boarding for my final destination, home.

Anyway, I’ve managed to kill some three hours so far: took a shower, made multiple trips to the buffet table, and made good conversation with a friend I had made during the course at the Galilee College who was also travelling on the same route and plane as yours truly.

I’m deep in thought as I watch the crowd of people come and go. I’m thinking to myself:The world is like an airport. Everyone rushing to their final destinations, arriving at different time…everyone in a mad rush. As my eyes wonder back to the big windows, I gasp with wonder. My friend looks at me sharply, a question on his face.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s snowing” I respond with a big grin on my face. He glances towards the direction of my gaze.

“Oh yes, so it is”. He responds before promptly turning towards his book. I remember he is well travelled and not unfamiliar with what presently held me spell bound.

I had read about it, watched it fall in movies and international news, but to see it, coming from a climate that I had never experienced. For me, it was truly amazing. Realizing, I may be the only person in the room that felt excitement for seeing snow flakes, I decided to curb my enthusiasm.

However, I couldn’t help myself. My eyes kept on straying to the window. My companion would look up from his book and try to hide a bemused smile. I didn’t care. I was like a child, experiencing something absolutely beautiful. The pure white flakes rained and fogged the atmosphere. I felt giddy and hoped it was still snowing when my flight was called.

Lady luck was in my corner that day, as I made my way into the cold wintry air, I looked forward to feel the snowy flakes fall on my face and watch it melt away on my coat sleeve. I watched it slide and smiled to myself. Finally, I decided to taste it.

Right there, in the full glare of some of the other passengers (I got some stares but didn’t care); I stuck out my tongue and let some flakes settle on my tongue. It melted in my mouth and was just like the crusty ice that embedded itself in my freezer back home, whenever NEPA allowed it to form.

I settled myself in my seat on the plane and close my eyes briefly in prayer before staring out the window, again. I loved window seats. It gives you the opportunity to experience your journey from take-off to landing…something many people don’t particularly think or care about. Everyone always seems to be in a mad rush….” We don’t take time to take deep breathes, look into each others eyes…and really see the other person. We don’t savor meals, just want to stop being hungry. We don’t take the time to look into the heart of whoever we’ve been blessed to meet, we just want them to meet our needs and then dispose of them, hurting them and cheating ourselves. We don’t take the time to unravel our issues, we just stick them down our loved ones throat and expect them to deal with things we selfishly wouldn’t take from others……”

Someone clears his throat beside me. I reluctantly pull my eyes away from the window and look up towards the gangway. It’s a middle aged man I had noticed was on the queue behind me on entering the plane. He flashed a smile, exposing a gapped tooth which reminded me of my mother. “I stuck out my tongue the first time too”. He whispered conspiratorially and winked before moving away.

I felt a warm glow encircle me and then turned back to watch the beautiful, white blanket encircle the plane.


One comment

  1. itsmayurremember · December 16, 2015

    I would do so too, only I am yet to encounter any snow.
    One day
    FYI: this was not fiction right?

    Liked by 1 person

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