I remember her like yesterday. The soft curve of her cheek, her quirky smile. Her resilient spirit. The strange way she used to feel our minds for our thoughts on a matter and then  take a decision in the opposite direction. Her sweet musky deodorizer. Her gentle disposition and quick wit.

All my feelings came rushing out like the genie from the bottle because I spent the weekend with you. I saw her in your smile. I heard her in your voice. I closed my eyes when you folded me in your arms and I swear it was her.

I bit my lip to silence the tears when I curled up to sleep last night. I felt a plethora of emotions. I had finally come home after running a marathon, and yet I felt a little lost. Thinking about her keeps hurting, when will I have respite? The pain snuck up on me again when I came back from my visit with you. I wanted to stay. I wanted to leave. I couldn’t handle the way I felt. I felt haunted and yet happy I saw her, happy I saw you.


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