My train commute

I am not a fan of reality television. In fact, if I want to be honest, I can say boldly, I hate it and for one simple reason:reality tv isn’t reality. Its censored,edited to cater to the whims and caprices of its audience. If you believe otherwise, then you have been successfully sold. Why would I watch reality tv, anyway, when I can watch real, I mean real reality uncut  during my train commute.

My commute is precious time for me. Its the only time I can hear myself think…and when I say think, I mean the only time there is only one voice…mine, in my head. I am able to read, listen to music but more importantly enjoy the many strangers around me. Most of them bent over: peering at their phones, working on their laptops,some with eyes closed listening to music,a few with their mouths ajar, fast asleep.

During the course of my commute, I have witnessed many an altercation. Is it the man who assailed our ear drums with colorful expletives seriously vexed because his ‘baby mama’ denied him access to their mutual seed, or the two women who pulled at each others’ badly done weaves because they both caught each other cheating…..that particular altercation had to be disrupted by Chicago’s Finest. There has been random ugliness in the mix:once I barely missed stepping on a turd…your guess is as good as mine where that could have “fallen” from. I have met many a curious individuals and had quite a bit of great conversations with perfect strangers during my commute.

Of all my experiences, the ones that usually strike me as bizarre and for the life of me, I can never get used to, are those who ‘lip lock’ in public. Now don’t get me wrong,I have absolutely nothing against public display of affection. But. When two people of either different, or same sex decide to lip lock with such intensity to the full glare of fellow commuters, including children…!It always leaves me flustered, for lack of a better word. I always imagine myself ringing a bell over their heads…..or pouring water from a wide basin, like the one used by my former neighbor Mama Inibong to fetch water back home. But wait, maybe I am too conservative, maybe I should appreciate the reckless abandonment of some folks in expressing themselves….no,I don’t think I can embrace that culture. I will continue to enjoy my commute but fix my eyes on the real reality I enjoy.




  1. Odoh · January 7, 2016

    Now, this really cracked me up, especially thinking of appreciating the reckless abandon with which they express emotions, and then rebuking yourself instantly.

    And, I do agree with you that reality TV isn’t reality because it is not only edited, it is scripted, no matter how loosely. But worse is that it does not “cater to the whims and caprices of its audience” but that of its producers. The latter just manipulate the audience!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ireoluwapo · January 7, 2016

      Hello Odoh!
      Yes! You are so right about reality TV.Plus, you will be surprised the lengths the producers go to create tensions amongst the players.


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