Transitioning gift.

Beautiful little girl with the pigtails in ribbons. Jumping up and down on her untidy bed. Her arms are flaying, her socks slipping off. She believes the world is like a bubble gum-smack-o-smack; she chews as she jumps.


Little girl trudges home from school, all alone. Her knees are bloodied scrapes, her glasses broken. She drags her bag pack behind her- its bopping up and down as it hits the paved road. She knows she’s in trouble, those were her second pair of glasses this year.


She rushes through the back door, all flushed, heart beating, panting..her first kiss-who would know it. Many firsts seem to follow. She dips her finger in a jar of honey and takes her first swig of alcohol. She pretends she is ill to avoid her parents prying eyes. She lays in bed, the blinds are pulled. Rushed kisses, fumbling fingers, so much heart ache. Raging hormones and so many secrets.


She screams and yells, her lungs expand. She finds her voice, she learns to fly. Her walk is graceful; her stance- absolute poise. Her dress impeccable, she has found her own.


Her body changes, she starts to swell. This body that seems to fight her mind. She starts to tire, long before she completes a task. Her breasts tingle and become larger; her back-constantly aching. Her skin becomes blotchy. She does a familiar dance in front of a mirror, looks at herself from every angle, cranes her neck and watches the body, that, no longer is hers alone.


Her body feels like it has imploded; many pushes, much blood-much beeping of monitors. She is exhausted, her mouth is dry. She feels so sore-but all she wants to see is the beautiful gift she has been given. He is wrapped in the softest blanket, his head is covered in the bluest hue. His eyes are closed, his lashes fan his soft cheek.She holds him close to her bosoms. Her head is heavy, her throat feels so raw-but her precious bundle, she knows…she will never let go.


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